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REALTOR@ or Real Estate Agent?  Do you know the difference?
A Realtor' is always a real estate agent, but a real estate agent is not always a Realtor'
To be a Realtor you must abide by the "Code of Ethics" as published by the National Association of
Realtors. The Code starts off with a preamble that reads like this:
Under all 'st e and. Upon its wise utilization and widely allocated ownership depend the surv val and
growth of free institutions and of our civilization. REALTORS' should recognize that the interests of the
nation and its cit'zens require the highest and best use of he land and t e widest distribution of land
ownership. T ey require the creation of adequate housing, the building of functioning c'ties, the
development Of productive industries and farms, and the preservation Of a healthful environment. Such
interests impose obligations beyond those Of ordinary commerce. They impose grave social
responsibility and a patriotic duty to Which REALTORS' should dedicate themselves, and for Which they
should be diligent in preparing themselves. REALTORS', therefore, are zealous to maintain and improve
the standards Of their customers, the pub it, and each Other, REALTORS. continuously strive to become
and remain informed on issues affecting real estate and, as knowledgeable professionals, they willingly
share the fruit Of their experience and study with Others. They identify and take Steps, through
enforcement Of this Code Of Ethics and by assisting appropriate regulatory bodies, to eliminate practices
Which may damage the pub C or which might discredit or bring dishonor to the real estate profession.
REALTORS' having direct personal know edge of conduct that may violate the Code Of Ethics involving
misappropriation Of client or Customer funds Or property, willful discrimination, Or fraud resulting in
substantial economic harm, bring such matters to the attention Of the appropriate Board or Association
Of REALTORS'. Realizing that cooperation with Other real estate professi0nals promotes the best
interests Of those who utilize their services, REALTORS' urge exclusive representation Of clients; do not
attempt to gain any unfair advantage over their competitors; and they refrain from making unsolicited
comments about other practitioners. n instances where the' opinion 's sought, or where REALTORS'
believe that comment is necessary, their opinion is offered in an objective, professional manner,
uninfluenced by any personal motivation or potential advantage or gain, The term REALTOR
has come
to connote competency, fairness, and high integrity resulting from adherence to a lofty ideal of moral
conduct in business relations. No inducement of profit and no instruction from clients ever can justify
departure from this idea in the interpretation of this obligation, REALTORS' can take no safer guide
than that which has been handed down through the centuries, embodied in the Golden Rule,
"Whatsoever ye would that others should do to you, do ye even so to them." Accepting this standard as
their own, REALTORS' pledge to observe its spirit in all of their activities whether conducted personally,
through associates, or others, or via technological means, and to conduct their business in accordance
with the tenets set forth in the Articles I through 17.
This Code Of Ethics has been adopted for over 100 years by the National Association Of Realtors!




March 4, 2014.

MARKET STATISTICAL numbers for South County, St. Louis MO.   and New Lender rules!

Hi, Luan here...thinking maybe I can speak to a recent change in the lender rules that buyers who apply for a mortgage may wish to  know.

There is a new term called "ATR"  which is about the Federal Regulators issue of rules about "ABILITY-TO-REPAY"  or ATR.

Starting January 2014, all buyers who apply for a home mortgage are required to qualify based on ATR.  The information the lender will be required to collect is the following:

  • Current Income and Assets
  • Current employment Status
  • Credit history
  • Monthly payment for the mortgage
  • Monthly payments on other mortgage loans (second-lien loans made at the same time as the first-lien mortgage)
  • Monthly payments for other housing-related expenses, such as property taxes, homeowner's insurance and homeowner's association fees
  • Amounts paid on all other debts
  • Monthly debt payments compared to monthly income, aka debt-to-income ratio.

So, now, in addition to the debt-to-income ratio requirement, you as a borrower will have to qualify for the ATR!

I hope this helps with my many clients/friends and all folks who visit our website and are thinking about buying a home, or getting a mortgage!

Market activity is UP!  Especially in my part of town:  Mehlville, MO; Sunset Hill, MO:  Oakville, MO; Arnold, MO

Or, if you wanted to go by zip codes, I love the 63123, 63125, 63126, 63127, 63128, 63129, 63010, 63012, 63026!

The average price of homes sold this year compared to the average price of homes sold last year

Check out these stats I just pulled off the St. Louis Multiple Listing Service.  Call me if you have questions.

My cell is 314-374-5826.


Statistical Market Analysis Report,  Mar 4, 2013-Mar 4, 2014

Report run on 04/03/2014 at 6:09:58PM Page 1 of 1

(If you like this stat report, let me know and I can run one for your community/area/subdivision etc.)



Status Count Low High Average Median Total Volume Avg Dom


Active 107 $35,000 $449,000 $127,499 $109,900 $13,642,424 173

Contingent 18 $39,900 $357,500 $101,861 $89,950 $1,833,499 225

Pending 30 $49,000 $249,900 $117,660 $104,250 $3,529,811 71

Sold 402 $22,000 $475,000 $115,399 $93,250 $46,390,452 113

Total 557 $22,000 $475,000 $117,408 $95,000 $65,396,186

Grand Total 557 $22,000 $475,000 $117,408 $95,000 $65,396,186



Status Count Low High Average Median Total Volume Avg Dom


Active 773 $19,900 $1,200,000 $202,783 $162,900 $156,751,123 164

Contingent 140 $37,500 $800,000 $195,266 $174,450 $27,337,305 143

Pending 254 $18,000 $939,900 $173,119 $149,950 $43,972,330 87

Sold 3,317 $2,000 $1,275,000 $168,383 $148,000 $558,525,200 80

Total 4,484 $2,000 $1,275,000 $175,421 $150,000 $786,585,958

Grand Total 4,484 $2,000 $1,275,000 $175,421 $150,000 $786,585,958


Statistical Market Analysis Report, Mar 4, 2012 – Mar 4, 2013

Report run on 04/03/2014 at 6:16:59PM Page 1 of 2



Status Count Low High Average Median Total Volume Avg Dom


Active 100 $35,000 $449,000 $128,732 $109,950 $12,873,224 173

Contingent 18 $39,900 $357,500 $101,861 $89,950 $1,833,499 225

Pending 29 $49,000 $249,900 $119,062 $109,000 $3,452,811 72

Sold 388 $19,000 $470,000 $108,610 $82,250 $42,140,862 160

Total 535 $19,000 $470,000 $112,711 $90,000 $60,300,396



Status Count Low High Average Median Total Volume Avg Dom


Active 761 $17,500 $3,069,000 $196,861 $149,900 $149,811,057 160

Contingent 129 $37,500 $800,000 $197,762 $174,900 $25,511,345 144

Pending 237 $10,000 $939,900 $160,276 $139,900 $37,985,428 97

Report run on 04/03/2014 at 6:16:59PM Page 2 of 2

Sold 2,733 $4,500 $985,000 $157,002 $138,000 $429,085,523 103

Total 3,860 $4,500 $3,069,000 $166,423 $142,000 $642,393,353

Call me if you have questions!  Luan, 314-374-5826

IN the meantime:  Live simply, Love generously, Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God.. Let's all get Along Enjoy Life ..




Feb 25, 2014:

 If you read this, please know up front, it has nothing to do with Real Estate in Mehlville, Missouri, Oakville Missouri, or any other part of Missouri!  But with life and the meaning of life!!!

What has made an impact in my life recently?  I thought I'd just reflect on my most recent vacation. 

Jim and I take an annual vacation from Mehlville Missouri to Keystone Colorado each January for two weeks of fun in the snow!  We both love skiing.

This year the first couple days were a bit rough getting used to the lack of oxygen!  (Getting old is not for the faint of heart!)  Mehlville is about 400 feet above sea level and Keystone at the base is somewhere near 10,000 feet above sea level.  At the highest points I think we get to about 14,000 feet above sea level...the air is very thin!

On the second day of the second week (Tuesday) as I was flying down Starfire (A beautiful wide and gloriously steep black run) just coming across the top of the last dip I started the usual slow for base of the run to get back in line for the lift so I could go up and do it again!  OMG!  The weather was perfect, the snow was packed powder, the run was sparsely occupied and I was in my "zone" for ski vacation.   I looked right, to clear the area of converging skiers headed for the lift, then as I looked back to my direction of movement I realized OH S___!  The gated post was coming up faster than I calculated...and as I turned toward the lift, my right ski hit the pole.  OUCH!  It was an abrupt hurdle of the right side of my body impacting the ground!    I remember someone saying "Are you Okay?"  and me mumbling I think so...but not knowing for sure.  I did not feel any intense pain, nor did I think I was hurt.  I managed to untangle my feet, legs, and skis, get upright on the skis, and ski over to the lift, get on the seat, travel to the top of Outback Mountain where I exited the lift, and skied down to the "Outback" building for lunch.  It's amazing what the body can do, perhaps in a somewhat state of shock.  Jim was with me and went to get a bag of ice from the restaurant so I could put ice to the affected area.  I did sit on the ice for about 45 minutes before we decided to head back.  Jim wanted me to ride the gondola over to Keystone Mountain, and then ride the Keystone gondola down to the base where our car was parked.  Me...NO.  I could not walk, but I could ski, so I chose to ski down the Outback mountain (a gentle blue run) to the Ruby lift which took us up to the top of Keystone Mountain.  From there I skied down Keystone Mountain to the base where I got the skis off my feet, shoes on and oh my God, it was difficult to walk.  I was in PAIN!  With the encouragement and help of a bystander I got to the car which Jim had managed to get pretty close to the gondola base area (he went into the very expensive close in parking lot to pick me up)  Anyway, once in the car, Jim convinced me to go to the emergency room of the local hospital and get an x-ray.  The staff there is of course accustomed to these things everyday being in a ski resort town.  And very friendly and expert at this type of event.

After the x-rays, the doctor came to my little curtained room to discuss the results with me and Jim.  They have radiologists in Denver who read these x-rays and send them back up to the mountain hospital almost immediately.  It's amazing.  He said the results of my x-ray showed no fracture of the right hip.  Then he proceeded to ask me if I had any history of cancer.  and of course, I do.  In 2007 I had a complete hysterectomy due to uterine cancer.  He then proceeded to tell me the radiologist saw a tear shaped shadow on my x-ray that he may associate with lymphatic cancer or perhaps mastocistic cancer.  (I don't think I spelled those big words correctly, sorry) He told me once back in St. Louis I should investigate farther and handed me a folder with the CD of the x-ray along with information how to deal with my hurt hip/etc. 

On the way back to our condo, since I could not bear to put any weight on my right leg, Jim stopped at Wal-Mart and bought me a pair of crutches to hobble around on.  (He's a sweet/darling/caring husband!)  I could not walk...really...and didn't know how to even use the crutches (this is my very first time ever with them!)  It was funny as I was trying to get up to the third level...via outside steps at the condo, one of our neighbors was exiting...and showed me how to use the crutches to get up the steps.  He just happened to be a sports injury physical therapist!  Amazing, eh?  Anyway, I made it to bed that night, slept on ice, took some pain medications (over the counter, cause I hate drugs, even though I had a script for something codeine?)

The next day, Wednesday,  I was hobbling around a bit, but mostly on the couch being pampered by Jim.  TV is great, games are great, the fireplace is cozy, and even vacation in a condo when you can't walk can have a joyfulness about it.  However, the nagging thought about what the doctor said re cancer and the left side of my hip were top of the brain.  It wasn't something I talked about much, but it was on my mind for sure.  I was texting and emailing my friends to ask for prayer.  Jim called his Mom and had me put on the prayer chain at her church.  It was a time for me when I was hopeful, but scared of what the worst could be.  I could imagine everything from having a few weeks left to live to a few months or years.  Do you know how your mind works in these situations?  It's always to the lowest common's always worst case scenario, not best!  Why do we do that to ourselves?  Or, is it just me?  I don't know.  Anyway, back to the skiing, and fun!  On Thursday I went skiing!  Incredible as it seems, I was walking (with a limp) but skiing was easier than walking and I love it, so I did it! I skied Friday too!  All day...had a great day, did over 15,000 vertical feet during those couple days...but walking was a pain and I made sure to keep the aspirin products going on a regular basis. 

Saturday morning we started the drive back and by Sunday night we were home in St. Louis, Mehlville, South town!  Home Sweet Home.  Monday I had an appointment with my favorite Doctor...Chirino...who has been my OB/GYN for many years.  Even though he no longer works the OB/GYN practice, but is developing a more holistic wellness type of clients, he saw me, scheduled a bone scan for me for Tuesday morning and we were on the way to diagnosis of just what's going on! 

The bone scan was scary in itself, because I had a trainee giving me a radioactive shot...and she explained how if she spilled any of the shot liquid it would be a hazardous waste cleanup??!!  Really!!! And, we put that into our bodies???  Really??? I'm a big baby...but all this is new stuff to me and because I don't know where I'm headed, it's just a little bit stressful.  I got the shot done at 1115 AM.  I won't forget the time because they then make me wait for three hours before they do the scan in order to give the radioactive dose time to penetrate my bones.  During that time, Jim and I go with our i-Pad's to Bread Co and hang out eating lunch and drinking lots of liquid (per instructions)

At 215PM I was back at Mercy Hospital to have the bone scan. That wasn't so bad, as all it required was that I lay still while they had this big monster machine take pictures of my abdominal area.   It took about 45 minutes and I was done! Cooked, I guess?

During these days and nights, the big thing was me thinking "God...what do you want from me?  I've given you my loaves and are everything to me, everything I have is what do you want!"  I was talking to Him 24/7...always during that period of about 7 days.  I felt He was there with me, but I just wasn't sure what He wanted from me...but whatever it was, I was going there with Him...and I knew that with all my fibrous being!

Wednesday morning about 9AM the phone rang.  Dr. Chirino said "Hello, Luan?"  "I wanted to call you right away to let you know we found nothing of significance on your bone scan.....there at most might be a small calcification in the hip joint area...."

I was in tears at that moment with thankfulness to God that maybe I would now be living a few more years, enjoying my grand girls, my husband, my sons and daughter-in-law, my sister, her family and my friends, my clients, my life is so precious and I am so thankful for it.  I wasn't really thinking about real estate and the houses...more about the people I serve, and that God is giving me more time to serve them.  He has planted a passion for Him, my family and doing this real estate business in me that I love.  I love every day and I know that every day is a blessing from Heaven.  I've had many other close calls with the death thing, and I'm not afraid to die...not. But because I love the life I have so much, I just flat don't want to die...not yet anyway!  It's a good life!  It's a great life! 

I read a signature line on a recent email that I've adopted and put at the bottom of all mine now.  It goes like this:  

Live simply, Love generously, Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God.. Let's all get Along Enjoy Life ..

May God bless you and your loved ones abundantly, 

It is my pleasure, always, to be of service to you.